Albums and EPs

"Spaceship" (Slang Records/TimeTrack Factory, 2024) is the fourth chapter in The Crowsroads' discography. Contains 10 original songs written and produced by the duo and created with the participation of Nicola Ragni (engineering), Michele "Poncio" Belleri (bass) , Sebastiano Danelli (drums) and Dario Ravelli (mastering).

"On The Ropes" (VREC Music Label, 2019) is the first album by The Crowsroads entirely made up of autograph songs. Contains twelve tracks including three international collaborations with Sarah Jane Morris, Jono Manson  and Frankie Chavez, and several prominent holdings among side-musicians.

Recorded live in a home studio, "Reels" (2016) is an album born with the intention of capturing the essentiality and energy of a live performance by The Crowsroads. It contains three original songs ("Janis", "Athens", "Pirate Flag") and a wide selection of the duo's favourite covers.

"Some Sky Inside My Pocket" (2012) is the first EP by The Crowsroads. Produced by Antonio Giovanni Lancini, it documents the very first steps of the duo and contains their first compositions ("April Heavy Rain", "Tonight (Lucy)", "Some Sky Inside My Pocket", "Rainy-Eyed Girl"), that still have a particular role in the concert setlists.